The Left Cover

At comic shows I've had a few people commenting on how nicely designed they think the Left book is.  It's always nice to hear this kind of positive feedback so I thought I'd put a bit down here about my thought process when designing it.


I wanted to create a design that stood out from some of the other cover designs that the book would be surrounded by.  A lot of comics I find, tend to have quite busy covers, so I designed it to be eye-catching in a clean, clear and pared down kind of way.

For the colours, I continued a theme that I had used through the initial run of single issues.


The idea with the issues was that each one had a main colour that would identify the issue.  I took these colours and used them for the colour scheme of the book cover. This was partly because the book obviously contains all the issues but also, the colours came to represent Sam's emotional damage from her time in the cult and the years spent looking over her shoulder in case they are coming after her.  As she puts herself back together towards the end of the book, these colours colalese back into her as she heals herself.  That's the idea any way!

You'll also notice that I changed the design of the logo from the issues to the collected edition.  Over the course of publishing the series I began to feel that the logo design was a bit, well... amatuerish which prompted the redesign.  The new version is in a typeface called GeoSans Light.  I liked it as it fits with that clean, pared down style I was going for.  I also felt it had quite a clinical look to it which fits in a bit with the philosophy of the cult.

And there we have it.  That's what was going through my mind when designing this here thing.